SPSS, part 5: Correlations


Bivariate = linear relationship between TWO variables.

Pearson correlation = r = parametric, assume normal distribution (more powerful)

Spearman’s = ρ (rho) = nonparametric ranked data

Analyze -> Correlations -> Bivariate

  • Move variables into box on right
  • Tick “Pearson” or “Spearman”
  • In output look at the 2 numbers that are the same and significant.

Scattergram: to check it’s linear

Graphs -> Legacy Dialogs -> Scatter/Dot

  • Click “Simple Scatter” and move the variables to the axes (it doesn’t matter which one goes where)
  • To get line of best fit, right-click -> edit content -> Elements -> fit line at total

Phi and Cramer’s V = only look at phi (φ) = both variables dichotomous (2 categories)

Analyze -> Descriptive Stats -> Crosstabs

  • Click “Stats” and choose “Phi and Cramer’s V”
  • Click “Cells” and tick “Observed” and “expected”
  • Check how variables are coded because a negative correlation could mean a positive relationship if coded non-intuitively (low numbers = high levels of variable).